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Bahrain Travel Guide

Are you thinking of going on a Middle East exploration during your holidays? Well, think of visiting a country where you can have a whole lot of wonderful experiences. Consider planning a travel to Bahrain.

Bahrain Nightlife Guide

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Are you now in Bahrain as a traveler or a guest? Have you gone around the nice places and feeling exhausted for the night? Well, you won’t be. In Bahrain, nights are alive! Bahrain nightlife is really enjoyable! And on Thursday nights, Bahrain really rocks!

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The Kingdom of Bahrain, an archipelago in the Persian Gulf, is the smallest of the independent states of the Gulf. It is known as the haven of liberalism in a western friendly moderation among the Muslim countries. It is popular with its genuine ‘Arabness’ minus the strict adherence of Islamic law upon its non-Muslim residents and guests. Thus, in this country, taking in alcoholic drinks is legal, which makes the place a constant destination for neighboring people and tourists. This case in point and other natural attractions of Bahrain make this small archipelago seated between the ‘two seas’ a great travel destination.

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You can pick your choice which pub or bar to go but by asking to some local friends, other guests like you or hotel staffs, you can be guided which place to go for the night. However, as you are in Bahrain, you need to remember that you must be dressed casually, in long pants and a T-shirt or a collared shirt. Some establishments do not allow people to wear shorts so there must be a need to be in a proper but informal attire. This is a brief picture of Bahrain’s nightlife. If you choose to socialize during the nights, you will feel alive in these places.


It is advised that the best time to visit Bahrain is between the months of November to March. So, from here, you can plan ahead. Like any other travel destinations, you can reach Bahrain by plane. The common air carrier to Bahrain is the Gulf Air which lands at the Bahrain International Airport.

escort in Bahrain escort To avoid the fuss upon reaching your destination, it is best to book for your accommodation ahead of your travel. But this may not be much of a problem to you. There are many nice accommodations available in Bahrain. You can simply choose from the lists. It all depends on your needs and of course, on your budget.

Upon reaching the airport, you will then start to be amazed with how Bahrain has developed. However, you must be warned that in Bahrain Airport terminals, taking photographs is strictly prohibited. From the airport, you can take local transportations like bus, rent a car or taxis. However, it is also important to know that taxi drivers can sometimes create you so much trouble as they demand from you double or triple the usual fare for taxis. Reasonable care and proper negotiations before you take your ride is recommended.

You can be afforded with fine dining, too. There are plenty of good restaurants as well. American fast food chains are franchised to cater the needs of foreign guests. However, local foods are available, as well. Foods are mostly cheap and are satisfying. Major malls are available, too. These malls offer international and luxury labeled brands. Shopping in these malls are enjoyable.
Like all other Middle East counties, Bahrain is a little bit costly. Yet, it’s worth it. You are guaranteed of the best service there is and all the comforts you can get.

However, there are other things you can do during the nights in Bahrain. If you don’t enjoy the pubs, bars or nightclubs, you can simply go to cinemas or movie houses. Tourist attractions are exotic and worth seeing in Bahrain. They can be found in the entire country but most of them are found in its capital city, Manama. Bookings in these tourists attractions are always available. One of the highlights of Bahrain is the Bahrain Grand Prix F1 which happens every year.There you can enjoy the big screens. Or you can just enjoy fine music in one of the fine restaurants or music lounges in the area. A night of hot unsweetened or untoasted coffee can be your choice, too. If you are with your family and kids, Bahrain nightlife can be spent with blinking lights and the giant fountain at the bay park where lots of people gather. At the park, children can joyfully play at the playground and enjoy their favorite video games.

Other activities such as sailing, scuba diving, playing golf, camel riding and other activities are likewise popular. Your nights will come alive in Bahrain with the many entertainment clubs open during the nights. You sure will enjoy and will be having so much fun.

So, plan now! Book on a tourist agency for a more guided travel. Bahrain travel can be a very great experience.